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In the RISKID.Monitor module risk owners and/or control measure actioners can update the progress of their own risks and measures.

Before the risks can be managed in RISKID.Monitor the facilitator must first select which risks he or she wants to import into the monitor module. This is done by selecting the risks in the "Overview" step of RISKID, see for a detailed explanation on how to do this at: http://wiki-en.riskid.nl/index.php?title=The_risk_assessment#Overview After this the selected risks will be visible in the monitor module. Be aware that when you have skipped this step, no risks will be shown in RISKID.Monitor and you could be mistaken that the monitor module is erroneous. So check if you have selected the risks to monitor if you do not see any risks in RISKID.Monitor. Next to this, a risk or control measure must be attached to a risk owner or measure actioner for it to appear in the monitor module. Take into account that it has to be a person and not a role. So when you add an actor, choose the add person option and not the add role option. Roles cannot log into RISKID.Monitor, only persons (with their email address) can (you can however link a role to a person).

Risk owners and control measure actioners can log into their own RISKID.Monitor environment to manage their progress. They need to login via: https://mycompanyname.riskid.nl/Monitor Use your email address as username and by default the password is welcome. If someone is a risk owner or measure actioner in multiple sessions, he or she needs to select for which session he/she wants to manage the progress (after login there will be a window for you to select a session). After login you can update your progress in the "My risks" and "My measures" tab.

My risks

In this tab the risks with you as the risk owner are shown. The risk score can be adjusted if circumstances requires you to update it to a higher or lower number.

RISKID.Monitor My Risks

My measures

In this tab the measures with you as the actioner are shown. You can edit the measure properties by double clicking it. You can for example change the status of the measure to "Complete" when you have completed the measure. You can also add comments to the measure, for example you can provide a brief progress report. By default, the facilitator and the actioner will receive an alert mail 14 days before the deadline passes and another alert mail when the deadline has past.

RISKID.Monitor My Controls


In this tab all (monitored) risks in the session are shown, but you can only edit the risks of which you are the risk owner.

Monitor/Identification switch

Risk management is a continuous process; new knowledge and development can make existing risks obsolete, but it can also make new risks arise. That's why within RISKID it is possible for stakeholders to input new risks at all times. From the RISKID.Monitor module this is simply done by clicking on "Identification" at the top right of the screen. This will bring the user back to RISKID where he/she can go to the Brainstorm step and input their newly identified risks. By his/her own judgement the facilitator can periodically conduct a risk update session to assess the (new) risks with a group of stakeholders.