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The functionalities that are described hereafter are only available to the RISKID administrator of your organization. You can make use of these functionalities by pressing "Administrator" at the top right of the screen after login.

  1. Facilitators tab. Here you can create, edit and delete facilitator accounts.
    • Use the "New" button to create a new facilitator account. Enter the requested information and send the new facilitator an email with the login details. The login link for facilitators is generally:
  2. Persons tab. Here an overview is presented of all persons that are created in your RISKID environment. During a session these person profiles are attached to risks as risk owners and/or actioners of control measures.
    • Select a person profile to edit or delete it.
    • Press the "New" button to create a new person profile.
  3. Sessions tab. Here you see a list with all the sessions within your domain and by clicking on the "edit" icon in the Facilitator column you can transfer a session to another facilitator.
  4. Tools tab. All the administrator tools are presented here.
    • Generate session overview. This will generate an Excel document containing various information of the sessions.
      • In the Excel document under the "Sessions" tab you can view properties of the sessions, including the session name, session code, facilitator of the session, number of participants that has logged in and the creation date of the session.
      • In the "Topics" tab you can view for each risk topic the number of identified (grouped) risks and the current phase of a session. Additionally, you can see in the column "Who has contributed" the persons that have actually inputted risks into the system. The column "Who has voted" shows the persons that have voted on the risks.